Rural Bassetlaw Befriending Scheme


Rural Bassetlaw Befriending Scheme supports two strands of work for people aged 50+

living in the Bassetlaw area of Nottinghamshire:-


  short, medium and long term befriending support to enable service users to stay in their

   own homes for as long as possible.


  development of group activities to include lunch clubs and outings.


  both these activities are supported by a project coordinator who recruits and trains

   volunteers to join a local support pool.


Volunteer Befrienders offer help to service users through difficult periods in their lives or at times

when more permanent support is needed.


Our service is aimed at lonely and isolated older people living in Bassetlaw helping provide a sense

of well-being and contentment by interacting with peers, making new friends and increasing self-confidence.

Our service helps reduce isolation and raises self-esteem.


Jane Jackman, Delivery and Development Officer


Direct Telephone Line: 01623 727616