The Big Local Langold, Costhorpe and Carlton (LCC) project.


In April 2012 residents in Langold, Carlton and Costhorpe were told that their area had been

awarded 1,000,000 for them to spend in their area to make it an even better place to live The

LCC group with help from strategic partners used consultation methods to analysis and then

decide on 6 priorities including;


1. The Environment

2. Training and Employment

3. Young People

4. Children ,

5 Community Spirit and Money and Poverty.


The LCC partnership steering group is made up of a group of community volunteers tasked

with driving forward these priorities for the improvement of the community. RCAN support the

group by acting as the Local Trusted Organisation for managing the financial systems, holding

the money and ensuring due diligence. The group also commission RCAN to offer Community

Development support in the frontline delivery an progression of their Local Plan and Vision.


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