IT Community Champions


IT Community Champions is a project which provides bespoke IT training to people aged 50 plus living

in Nottinghamshire. 

We offer a 6 week training course for 2 hours per week which covers the basics to get people started.

To support this training learners are shown how to access and use our bespoke web site designed

specifically to support their learning needs post training. 


The sympathetic and instructive support that IT Community Champions offer is essential in breaking

down barriers and challenges preconceptions to help prove that age is no obstacle to learning IT skills.

The social benefits of being computer literate are important since they give older people alternative

means of communication with relatives and friends, as well as vital mental stimulation.


Course participants and volunteer Trainers have identified that they benefit from social interaction and

have forged new friendships as well as learning new skills which not only stimulate them mentally but

have also given them the opportunity to put the knowledge they have gleaned into practical usage such

as shopping on line, researching health issues and social networking.  We aim to make our training fun

and deliver it in a relaxed environment. 


Jane Jackman, Delivery and Development Officer


Direct Telephone Line: 01623 727616