Wheels to Work Nottinghamshire


Living in rural Nottinghamshire and struggling to access work or college/training?

Do you feel that you are missing out on learning and employment opportunities

due to transport difficulties?


If the answer is ‘yes’, Wheels to Work Nottinghamshire may be just what you need.

Wheels to Work offers two transport solutions which may be able to help you overcome

barriers that are preventing you from moving forward with your working life.


Wheels to Work runs a Moped Loan scheme, whereby we loan individuals a moped

from our fleet for up to six months, for just £25 a week (£12.50 if you are an apprentice

or in college full-time.) This includes insurance, tax, breakdown cover, servicing and

maintenance, Compulsory Basic Training, protective clothing and on-going support

from the Wheels to Work team. All you require is your provisional licence and we ask

that you are responsible for the bike and take care of it, doing regular cleaning and basic

maintenance such as topping up oil.


Alternatively, we offer a bicycle where that is more suited to people’s needs. This is a

one-off and comes with lights, lock and a pump – if you wanted other accessories,

such as a helmet, you would need to provide these yourself. This option doesn’t cost

you and is a long term travel solution.


The Wheels to Work project is funded by Nottinghamshire County Council and the Big

Lottery Fund. If you would like to find out more about Wheels to Work, please see our

website www.wheelstowork.org or contact Wheels to Work Nottinghamshire on

01623 727620 or e-mail wheelstowork@rcan.org